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Chris Jericho confirms he’s writing second book

Chris Jericho has confirmed the release of a second book via Lance Storm’s official website, Jericho wrote an article on Storm’s website regarding his book and the reaction to it thus far. Jericho said the first book left the book open for a sequel because the first one only focuses on the stage in his life in which he is trying to achieve his dream of joining WWE. Once he got to WWE, that stage in his life was over. He has signed a new book deal for the second book with Grand Central. The second book will be called "Undisputed Attitude," which as you would imagine, will be an indepth look into his WWE tenure. The second book will be released in the fall of 2009. Jericho said, "It also left the door open to a sequel, for which a deal has just been signed with Grand Central. Look for “UNDISPUTED ATTITUDE” to hit bookstores in the fall of 2009!"