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WWE: News about Wrestlemania marketing blitz

Multichannel News features a detailed article on WWE’s aggressive marketing strategy to promote WrestleMania XXIV over the next 2 weeks.

Aside from traditional advertising (television, radio, print), some of the more creative marketing ploys they have planned include:

* Renting a plot of land, which will feature the WWE logo for those landing at Orlando International Airport.

* A giveaway where winner will receive a customized Wrestlemania XXIV motorcycle built by Orange County Choppers.

* 2 million pieces of mail sent to cable subscribers, a 30% increase from last year’s mailing.

* A blimp owned by DirecTV will run video commercials for the event while floating over other events, including NASCAR.

* Bright House Networks will be running three minute promotional commercials in 70,000 hotel rooms in Florida.

The article noted there are 40-50 different marketing schemes planned to raise awareness of the event.