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Kurt Angle speaks about his past in WWE

The Sun out of the United Kingdom recently interviewed TNA Champion Kurt Angle in their WrestleCast feature. The publication has published some quotes from the interview in an article now online. Below are some of the highlights: On Triple H burying him backstage because people cheered him more than John Cena – “Triple H obviously wanted to bash me because I was a better wrestler than him and I deserved to be in the spot that he was in but he was never going to give up, he’s Vince’s son-in-law. “I had to deal with that stuff all the time. I’d wrestle Shawn Michaels and I’d get a little rough with him, then I’d get heat from Vince McMahon because I beat up on Shawn too much. “So I’m like – ‘Well you know what, I’m tired of the two long-haired sissies. If they can’t go up against me then don’t put them up against me.” On Vince McMahon – “TNA is where I want to be and I’m happy where I am. Vince McMahon can kiss my ass.” Angle also talks about Chris Benoit and more in the interview.