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WWE: Ashley Massaro offers another denial

Ashley Massaro, who’s been the subject of a few Internet rumors in the past week or so, posted a blog on her MySpace account tonight dispelling the rumors. Here is her blog.

Don’t believe everything you hear…lets clear some **** up, shall we… So, I guess everyones taking their turn at trying to be a reporter huh. HA! The latest questions I’ve been getting from yall, dang, everything from Playboy nums (which is a load of crap btw n I know for fact) down to rumors about me. Just take comfort in knowing, and I mean KNOWING, that none of that **** is true…hehe absolutely none. I suppose people would be pretty embarassed if they were called out on this so sorry to everyone who thinks starting rumors about**** they know nothing about is their job… Just wanted to rest the onslaught of questions I’ve been getting from yall. Rest assured, everything is DY-NO-MITE! So chill you lil freaks talking junk about me. Or I’ll take this cas and shove so far up your…whoops just kidding…hahah got carried away I suppose… Anyway, that oughta clear things up for now, nothin but love for ya my punks!

Regarding Playboy sales figures, it’s being reported on some websites that Ashley had the lowest-selling magazine of all the WWE Divas to pose for the publication (sales within one calendar year), at least according to a person working in the advertising business who has Playboy as one of their advertisers. The person said, "Chyna’s November 2000 cover is the biggest selling WWE diva issue of all time. The lowest selling goes to Ashley Massaro for her cover last year, though her year has just a few weeks left it is near impossible it will match its closest rival."

Note from Ryan Clark: I stick to my word about her being sent home as she was in ‘bad shape’ in catering. As I noted before, you can believe who you want but she’s under contract with WWE and would NEVER say anything about being sent home if it were the case. It would jeopardize her job so I can see where she is coming from with her denial. I’ll keep you posted.