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WWE: Details on’s "Makeover"

Michael Cole has been removed as head of as Vince felt that his performance was disappointing due to the articles on the website and the drop in daily unique visitors. Vince wants to be the starting point for all wrestling fans seeking news. The goal is to make the site resemble a cross between the Drudge Report and Daily Variety. This is what prompted an "industry news” section on the website that features news articles from some of the most popular pro wrestling websites online and covers promotions such as TNA, ROH, and others. The budget for the site has also been increased as they are trying to develop partnerships with MySpace and Facebook. Shane had a similar idea for the website before but it was shot down by Stephanie. His vision for was to have it as a subscription service where fans could get all the "industry news” and have no need for websites such as this one (We aren’t going anywhere).