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WWE: The latest news on Jeff Hardy’s suspension

Some additional details have been released regarding Jeff Hardy’s 60 day suspension from WWE that was announced by the company this week.

  • Jeff Hardy knew he was being suspended before Raw. According to reports, Hardy had a meeting with Vince McMahon before the show about the suspension and was noticeably not happy when it ended.
  • According to multiple sources, Hardy’s drug test failure was not for a body enhancing substance.
  • With this being a 60 day suspension and his second violation of the Wellness Policy (his first taking place last year in August 2007), it is possible WWE could suspend Hardy indefinitely until he successfully completes a drug rehab program.
  • As noted yesterday, Hardy has been pulled from WrestleMania 24 and the "Money in the Bank" Ladder Match.
  • According to WWE sources, the feeling many people got from Jeff was that he still doesn’t think he has a problem and would rather leave the company than go to rehab.