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Nick Hogan’s Case Being Dropped Due To Inproper Procedure?

The latest Wrestling Observer is reporting that Nick "Nick Hogan" Bollea’s lawyer, Kevin Hayslett, successfully argued that Clearwater, FL Police did not follow proper procedure when they arrived at the Nick Bollea crash scene and gave him a blood test. Nick’s lawyer is attempting to get the charges dropped due to this. Kevin Hayslett has stated that Clearwater Police filled out the wrong paperwork to take a blood sample and that they had no probable cause to ask for a blood-alcohol sample. Police tried to back up their claim when they stated that they took a blood sample because Nick’s eyes looked "bloodshot". Hayslett then presented four photos of the crash that proved that Nick’s eyes were not bloodshot at all and that the claim made by police was not stated in a police report until 10 weeks after the accident. In a hearing this past week, the State Officer ruled in favor of Nick Bollea that the Clearwater Police had no grounds to draw blood from Nick despite the fact that Nick had a 0.5 blood-alcohol ratio (legal for an adult over 21, but it is illegal for any person under 21 to have any alcohol in their system). Despite the ruling against it, Nick Bollea’s driver’s license is still suspended due to the felony crime charges against him, in addition to an unpaid traffic ticket.