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WWE: Company to start marketing towards kids

Thanks to Ron Showtime for the following… You will see in the next couple of months that the WWE is planning to start heavily marketing towards children. I thought that sounded weird at first, but it kind of makes sense. They are opening up and the first edition of the WWE Kids Magazine is coming out very soon and Punk is featured in it. Two of the main wrestlers that have been pushed towards children are out of action due to a drug suspension (Jeff Hardy) and an injury (Rey Mysterio). So, with that in mind, the WWE wants CM Punk to be highly pushed towards children and their parents. You will really notice this after Wrestlemania. The WWE public relations machine has already had Punk attend a few schools and there is currently a newspaper article about going to a WWE show and one of the major parts from it was that these parents took their kids to the WWE show to see CM Punk, since he’s drug, alcohol, and steroid free. Linda McMahon also always mentions his name during most of her television interviews, as both she and Vince are HUGE fans of CM Punk and they appreciate his attitude/lifestyle.