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WWE: Triple H and Shawn Michaels still main power players backstage

Triple H and Shawn Michaels continue to wield more power than any other wrestlers on the WWE roster. Undertaker has a lot of stroke, but doesn’t get involved in the creative process as much as HHH and Michaels. While everyone backstage pretty much agrees that HHH is overprotective of his spot, they also credit him with getting Vince McMahon to steer away from allowing the writers to use campy toilet humor. Michaels comes across more neutral during creative meetings and doesn’t let his insecurities of losing his spot show.

Although HHH has more than his fair share of enemies in the locker room, there is at least a small feeling that he is a great asset to the company and he’ll never get the credit that he deserves because he’s married to the boss’s daughter.

All sources seem to share the assumption that most of the heavy hitting HHH does is behind closed doors with Vince. However, there was an instance of HHH burying someone publicly when he openly mocked Chris Jericho’s return gimmick.

For all the complains about HHH and Michaels, they are also viewed as the only guys willing and powerful enough to voice their concerns with the product. Vince loves to challenge people and HHH is not excluded from that just because he’s family. HHH is said to have a legendary poker face, and no-sells Vince when he tries to push his buttons at creative meetings to see how HHH will react.

There is a group of upper-mid-card wrestlers who are just waiting for HHH, HBK and Undertaker to step aside so they can take control of the locker room, however there are no signs that this will happen anytime soon.