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Breaking News: Konnan Files Lawsuit Against TNA

I just got off the phone with Konnan and he told me to make the following public:

The lawsuit papers are now officially in the hands of TNA’s office regarding racism toward Konnan. In addition to the main issue of him being held back due to racism and discrimination, Konnan also has other topics included in the lawsuit as well.

Promises that were made to Konnan regarding his hip replacement are also a key subject addressed in the lawsuit. The fact that they said they would help him pay for the surgery and didn’t, in addition to them not helping Ron Killings with his surgery, yet helped pay for Scott Steiners’ recent operation, is also more leverage Konnan plans to bring up.

Several names are mentioned including Jeff Jarrett, Dutch Mantel, Vince Russo, Terry Taylor, and others. WCW’s old racial lawsuit has been mentioned as well to support Konnan’s argument against Vince Russo and others. Drug usage within the "higher ups" in TNA are also mentioned.

TNA now has thirty days to respond to the suit. Konnan stated that they can settle out of court or of course, go to court in which case he says things will definitely get "messy".