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WWE: 60 per cent chance of rain for Wrestlemania XXIV

According to, on Sunday March 30th – the day of WrestleMania – there’s a 60% chance that it will rain in Orlando and the forecast is for scattered thunderstorms with a high of 82 degrees and a low of 65 degrees. In it’s 10 day weather forecast, that day is the only day which has the highest probability of raining with the rest of the week being either sunny or partly cloudy. This will be the second WrestleMania held in open air. The first one in Las Vegas, NV., in 1993 it did not rain but a lot of wind picked up during the day. WWE is setting up a steel roof structure above the ring so if it rains the ring won’t turn into a mess however the other 60,000+ fans in the open-air venue won’t have that luxury. It is believed that WWE did a 10 year weather history for the area before committing themselves to the Citrus Bowl. The tag line for the show this year is ‘Rain or Shine’ and it looks like rain it will be.