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WWE RAW March 24, 2008 Results

The 774’th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW came to you from the Colonial Center in the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC.

Match Results

  • MVP (SmackDown) & Carlito (RAW) def. Chris Jericho (RAW) & CM Punk (ECW) by MVP pinning CM Punk following an inadvertent enziguiri by Chris Jericho.
  • The Great Khali (SmackDown) def. Hardcore Holly (RAW) by pin following the Khali Bomb.
  • Maria & Melina fight to a No Contest when Ashley interferes.
  • 6-Person Intergender Tag Match: Santino Marella, Melina, & Beth Phoenix def. Jerry "The King" Lawler, Maria, & Ashley by Santino Marella pinning Maria following a double chop block by Melina & Beth Phoenix.
  • WrestleMania Showcase: No DQ 8-Man Tag Match: Triple H (RAW), John Cena (RAW), Ric Flair (SmackDown), & Shawn Michaels (RAW) def. Randy Orton (RAW), Big Show (SmackDown), JBL (RAW), & Umaga (RAW) by Randy Orton tapping out to Ric Flair’s Figure-4 Leg Lock.

Match Quality

  1. WrestleMania Showcase
  2. MVP & Carlito Vs. Chris Jericho & CM Punk
  3. 6-Person Intergender Tag Match
  4. Maria Vs. Melina
  5. The Great Khali Vs. Hardcore Holly


In the main event, Finlay lured JBL out of the ring and out of the match. Then later, Batista lured Umaga out of the ring and out of the match. Then, Triple H and John Cena turned on each other and fought out of the ring and out of the match. Then, Big Show attacked Randy Orton and left the ring and the match. Lastly, Ric Flair low-blowed Shawn Michaels and got the Figure-4 on Randy Orton for the win.

It was announced that the final inductee will be announced on ECW. Also announced for ECW is a very unique tag team match as it will be a 24-Man Tag Team Match that features all 24 participants in the WrestleMania Battle Royal. A list that now includes RAW’s Hardcore Holly.

Also, Candice underwent clavicle surgery earlier today and will NOT be wrestling at WrestleMania. Ashley will be Candice’s replacement in BunnyMania.