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WWE: Some top officials upset with John Cena’s father

Some top WWE people were upset with John Cena’s father, John Cena, Sr., because they believed he was going to TNA. They were really upset with him and some of them gave the cold shoulder to people who are friends with him. A few weeks ago, it was reported online that Cena, Sr.’s alter ego, Johnny Fabulous, is the storyline president for the Millennium Pro Wrestling indy promotion out of Boston, and in the storyline, he signed a few TNA wrestlers such as Jay Lethal to appear at their next show (which takes place this Saturday night). The Millennium Pro Wrestling website put out an announcement on this angle, and that’s where it came from. Somehow, the story turned into TNA looking to sign Cena, Sr. TNA officials, who weren’t aware of the storyline, found out about WWE’s reaction to it all and laughed at how silly it was. Last summer, TNA booked Cena, Sr. to make a cameo appearance at a house show in Hampton Beach. He was really excited to go, but WWE officials found out about the booking and scolded him for even considering the show. Of course, he was later pulled.