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WWE: What will Ric Flair do after retirement from the ring?

Ric Flair will be a celebrity on a new CBS series called "Secret Talents of the Stars" that will begin airing on April 8th at 10 pm ET. Flair’s secret is salsa dancing. Six episodes total are scheduled to run through May 13th.

The show will be every Tuesday night and will go head-to-head with ECW. Other celebrities listed are Ben Stein, Bridget Marquardt, Cindy Margolis, Clint Black, Danny Bonaduce, George Takei, Joe Frazier, Malcolm Jamal-Warner, Marla Maples, Mya, Roy Jones Jr., Sasha Cohen and Sheila E.

The plan after Flair’s retirement match Sunday is for him to be off television for a little while. He wants to do more Hollywood work now that his career is winding down.