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Recap Of Triple H On The ‘Opie & Anthony’ Radio Show

On yesterday’s Opie & Anthony show they had HHH on the show. Anthony talks about that he recently had a cramp on his leg and told him that it reminds him about when HHH tore his quad, HHH said in January of last year is when he tore his quad and talked about spending 9 months rehabbing it and during his rehab, he saw Kevin Nash getting rehabbed at the rehab center in Alabama at that same time. He then plugged the WM press conference in Manhattan and talked about the 3 way with Orton & Cena for the WWE title. He says he can beat Cena and win the title and it can go either way. He says he and Cena hate Orton and he also hates Cena. Jim Norton talks about the new HHH DVD and says the cover resembles Jesus Christ.

Opie asked HHH as to what made fans get into wrestling and HHH says it’s like any business or sport such as basketball and otherts. He says wrestling had Austin, Mankind, Rock and when they left, they had to start with new people. He then talks about as to what Vince wants in wrestling, which makes Anthony go into his Vince impression. O&A bring up about the "ass buffing" segment some months back on Raw, HHH said what’s great about Vince is that he’s like a big kid in wrestling.

Anthony says he likes when Vince does a shocked look where his eyes get big and he’s the big shot in wrestling, HHH says Vince is a bigshot in wrestling and mentions of times when WWE takes their yearly trip overseas for the troops. Opie asks HHH if there was something that Vince asked him to do that he didn’t want to do, so HHH says he was supposed to talk about Kane’s girl [Katie Vick] being killed in a car crash and brings up the part about him humping the dummy in the coffin in the funeral home. He says Vince behind the scenes told him to hump on the dummy harder and after it was over, HHH said to himself that he can’t believe he just did that [humping the dummy].

Opie asks HHH if Flair will retire, HHH says he loves him and is his best friend and says when Flair goes in the ring he holds his breath. He says during their Evolution days Flair struts around everywhere and he’s insane and says he wants to prove to everyone that he can still take it.

He says we all want to remember what Flair was and not what he is. Opie compares to Flair with Willie Mayes in baseball. Their friend Sam asked HHH as to how worried was he when Vince "died" in the limo segment, so HHH talks about how Vince closed the limo door, then opened up during the editing. He says after that incident people started wondering if something really happened to Vince, Anthony brings up when people like the FBI was investigating Vince’s "death" during that time.

Anthony says he loved it when the limo blew up and they couldn’t find Vince’s body. Opie says HHH’s highlight package is hilarious because he’s so funny. Anthony talked about his favorite moment when Stephanie was chained into the basement [during the Undertaker’s "Ministry" era] and her acting and crying was so bad. HHH says she was young at the time, says that Vince told her that even though she has no experience he wants her to be part of the segment. He again plugs WM and the press conference and that fans are welcome to come to the event. Anthony talked about how you can look at the early Wrestlemanias from years ago and they’re historic with guys like Sgt. Slaughter & The Iron Sheik.

After a long segment about kissing men for a film project (don’t ask), HHH is asked to if he’s had a desire to do MMA, HHH says he doesn’t understand it because it looks fake. He says he once saw it and it looked like one guy in the MMA event may’ve slipped and it looked phony to him. When asked about Lesnar, HHH says he saw his recent match and says all this build up to it looked good but Lesnar’s got charisma and has a look. He says after the fight Lesnar did the humble bumble part but he should’ve did a mad promo to have fans come back to see a future match. Opie asks HHH as to what he’ll do after wrestling, he says he’ll stay since it’s a part of his family. Opie says if Vince steps down HHH will be the new Vince, HHH says Vince will probably outlive all of us and at 100 years old, he’ll still run the company.

HHH talks about how Vince Sr. owned the company first and talked about Vince Jr. buying the company from his dad &and how Vince is a risk taker with stuff like the XFL. Anthony says Vince took wrestling into being a legitimate entertainment form and says the guy is a genius and does another Vince impression as the Godfather. O&A says they haven’t seen Vince in a while and would love to see them and says fans are animals in wrestling. HHH says fans are dedicated by showing up and having a good time. O&A then play an audio of an E-Rock talk about thanking wrestlers like Terry Funk for what they’ve done and it sounded dumb. HHH says it’s about a guy that idolizes all these old guys and they’re probably thinking "Oh Christ". They then play the retirement speech of a former baseball player crying like a baby and they told HHH not to be that guy.

HHH tells O&A that it’s been a while that he’s seen them and says that Vince loves them also. Opie says Vince loves them so much that he’s probably 5 blocks away from them and the segment ends there. This was a very, very amusing segment!