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WWE: HBK talks about Jeff Hardy, his future and more

There is an interview in today’s Miami Herald with Shawn Michaels. He talks about the first time he met Ric Flair, Jeff Hardy, Ken Kennedy, and more. Here are some highlights:

Regarding Jeff Hardy and his suspension, Michaels said, “Jeff’s a quiet kid… I found out the news like everybody else did… For me, a lot of guys don’t want to go the direction I went. For me, it was the Lord Jesus Christ. It was one step. It comes down to just trying to appeal to his way of life, living the life of truth. That takes submission and humility. Each person comes to that place or fork in the road at different times. I hope Jeff is there and comes through this.”

On his feud with Ken Kennedy, Michaels commented, “I think we had to get used to each other… Ken has a different style, so there were adjustments for him to make and adjustments for me to make. That is pretty common when you get in there with new guys who you haven’t been in there with. We tried to do a little something different, which is a little more mat wrestling… It’s something I enjoy doing now and then, because I don’t always have that opportunity. Ken was a guy I was able to do that with, so it was a fun experience for me. I think Ken brings great intensity to the ring, and I think he has great potential. I think his future is as bright as anybody. I would imagine it would be a matter of him getting out there, doing more and push the envelope.”

Michaels on his future after WrestleMania XXIV, “I sort of nowadays go where the wind blows… I suppose I say that, because when you’ve seen so many eras come and go, you’re not awestruck by them. For me, I go back to if this is Ric Flair’s last match, that is the end of an era. With all due respect to everyone else in the industry, it’s an era I’m a part of. If the Ric Flair era is over, it will question if I want to be part of what the next era is.”