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WWE/TNA: Several WWE & TNA Stars Spotted Together

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As previously reported, WWE senior vice president John Laurinaitis and TNA vice president Jeff Jarrett were among several representatives of both companies hanging out in an Orlando bar on Friday night. We now have a list of the names who were there from both companies:

Edge, Christian, Kevin Nash, MVP, Rhino, Karen Angle, Mr. Kennedy, Shelton Benjamin, Samoa Joe, Robert Roode, Gail Kim, Scott Steiner, ODB, Traci Brooks, Jeremy Borash and David Penzer. Former WCW wrestler Glacier, who is now a middle school teacher, was also there visiting friends.

Undertaker and a female friend were also spotted picking up Booker T and Sharmell at another location for dinner.

Vince McMahon made a speech earlier in the week that nobody was to be seen with TNA talent, and Robbie of the Highlanders was actually sent home, but nobody seemed to be concerned with this on Friday night. Jarrett and Laurinaitis looked surprised when they ran into each other at the bar, but chatted with each other and all of the wrestlers continued to hang out.