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WWE: Last minute changes made to Pre-Wrestlemania Battle Royal

Stevie Richards is now being advertised for the WrestleMania 24 battle royal, which will air on a half-hour before the pay-per-view tomorrow. He has replaced Matt Striker on the graphic that advertised the match.

Author note:  The line-up now shows as

Hardcore Holly (Raw), Festus (Smackdown), Kane (Smackdown), Tommy Dreamer (ECW), Cody Rhodes (Raw), Jesse (Smackdown), Shannon Moore (Smackdown), Kofi Kingston (ECW), ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggen (Raw), Jamie Noble (Smackdown), Val Venus (Raw), Jimmy Wang Yang (Smackdown), Trevor Murdoch (Raw), Snitsky (Raw), Mark Henry (Smackdown), Lance Cade (Raw), The Great Khali (Smackdown), Elijah Burke (ECW), Deuce (Smackdown), Domino (Smackdown), Chuck Palumbo (Smackdown), The Miz (ECW), Brian Kendrick (Raw), Stevie Richards (ECW)