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WWE: Matt Hardy Returning Soon?

There is a WWE Mobile on AT&T video available to watch on where Lena Yada conducts an interview with MVP regarding Chris Jericho and the other particpants in the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match. During the entire interview, Matt Hardy was visible in the background listening in. After MVP left, the camera turned and focused on Matt Hardy as he came closer, then he smiled with a determined grin to end the video. Also, the article that goes with the video touts that "there is someone who MVP will have to tend to in the near future." I wouldn’t be surprised to see Matt Hardy appear at WrestleMania and cost MVP the Ladder Match in some fashion. Either that or he will return on SmackDown, which will be in MVP’s hometown of Miami, FL. It’s been rumored that MVP and Matt Hardy will wrestle for the United States Title at Backlash. Here is the link to the video on