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WWE: Big Update On Jeff Hardy’s House Fire

The April 2 Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported the following in regards to Suspended RAW Superstar, Jeff Hardy’s house fire:

Matt Hardy wrote on his website the details of March 14, the night his brother, Jeff’s house burnt down. Matt said he was packing and booking his rental car for the weekend tour and paying bills at around Midnight, when he let his dog out and smelled smoke. He could see huge flames in the woods that appeared to be near Jeff’s house. "My first inital thought was that Jeff was burning either trash or a brush pile.  I then questioned my thought, considering how big the size of the flames looked.

He drove to Jeff’s house and said, "I had a horrific mental image that will always be etched in my mind. I could see over Jeff’s recording studio that my brother’s home was engulfed in flames. I violently stopped my car, jumped out, ran towards Jeff’s burning home, yelling for my brother at the top of my lungs. My initial fear was that Jeff and Beth [Jeff’s fiance] were burning to death inside their home."

"I was the only person on the scene. I was frantic. I ran up to the front porch, kicked at the flaming front door, yelling for Jeff and Beth. I could only stay there for a second. The temperature of the heat was unbearable, and I couldn’t breath due to the smoke and the lack of oxygen. The entire structure was covered in flames. I ran to the other side of Jeff’s place and saw that his car was gone. I internally prayed that Jeff, Beth, & Jack (Jeff’s Dog) weren’t in there. I didn’t have my cell phone with me because I left my house in such a panic. I jumped back in the car and raced back home to get my phone. About this same time I got into my car, I could hear sirens signifying that the fire trucks were on the way."

"I got home and called Jeff. It went straight to voice mail. My heart dropped. I called Beth and she picked up. Hysterically, I asked if Jeff was there and he was."

Jeff was getting his neck tattooed when Matt told him what had happened and Jeff told Matt to go back to the house, kick down the door, and get the dog.

"Please get Jack, Matt!", he wrote. "It was heartbreaking. I told Jeff that it was too late. Everything was gone. The fire had destroyed everything."

It took the local firefighters until almost 4AM to put out the flames. Matt speculated that the fire was caused by electrical wires damaged underneath the house. Matt said Jeff has been run down from not sleeping and stressed out from losing everything."