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WWE: Dozens hurt in accident at Wrestlemania

WFTV 9 out of Orlando is reporting that dozens of fans were injured last night at WrestleMania XXIV when fireworks plunged into the crowd and exploded. Three fans were transported to the Orlando Regional Medical Center to be treated for non-life threatening injuries including burns. Victim Barbara Vetere was quoted as saying “It felt like a whip. I have a welt on my neck. Like a baseball bat hit me. It was horrible. Horrible.”

According to the article, during the final match, Edge vs. The Undertaker, the pyrotechnics malfunctioned sending fireworks and hot cables into the crowded stands.

Greg Hoggatt of the Orlando Fire Department said, “You can see the marks on a few people where hot wires crossed and fireworks touched them.” Firefighters said they acted quickly but Vetere said, “We had to sit up in the bleachers and wait for a paramedic to come. They didn’t really examine us. And we had to walk all the way down to first aid and had to ask for a bag of ice just to put on our head.”

WWE has yet to comment on the incident.