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Does Jay Leno Respect The Wrestling Business?

This is simply an observation of mine, but Jay Leno has told two wrestling-related jokes in the last couple of weeks and it seems to me like he takes them kind of "delicately". Where he could easily have the punchline be something about wrestling’s steroid use/abuse or something of the sort, he ops to take the high road on them. Last night, he made mention that in Orlando (site of WrestleMania), the Orlando Officials were concerned about being able to see the wrestler’s nipples in advertisements. Jay turned it into a non-wrestling related joke. Sure, he second-handedly called wrestling "fake" when he made a joke recently saying that one thing Los Angeles (where Leno is taped) hates is fakeness. I think he intentionally turns the jokes a little bit because he may have respect for the wrestling business (which is very rare for non-fans). I would think that because he wrestled at WCW Road Wild 1998 that maybe he has a newfound respect for the business. Simply my thoughts.