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WWE: Superstars Upset With Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

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A number of people in WWE weren’t pleased with how Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson came off this past Saturday night. He did not leave a positive impression on a number of wrestlers at the Hall of Fame banquet.

A number of sources report that Johnson did not hang out with old friends before and after his speech at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. He showed up for the speech, delivered one that offended many in WWE and was believed to be too long, and then left.

Some of his former colleagues are saying that Johnson came across as "aloof" and "totally Hollywood," as if he were "above WWE now," not to mention everyone in WWE as well. One of those people include one-time friend Steve Austin, who was openly displeased and taken aback by Johnson’s demeanor.

Here is one wrestler’s comments regarding Johnson’s Hall of Fame speech: "This wasn’t a roast. This was supposed to be a tribute to his dad and grandfather. Instead, he did an hour plus of comedy, running way long, then did a short tribute to his dad and grandfather, then left. It was rude of him."

WWE had plans to control the length of the Hall of Fame speeches, but the induction ceremony ran way over the planned length in large part due to Johnson’s drawn out speech. Flair’s Hall of Fame speech ran long as well, but everyone was forgiving of that considering that it was his night.

After the event, pretty much everyone backstage shared in their resentment and disappointment on Johnson’s conduct at the Hall of Fame. The belief backstage was that Johnson had no reason to treat old friends like discards from a past life.

Johnson’s speech went on first because he had to catch a plane immediately to Las Vegas, where they are filming his latest movie, Space Mountain. After he left, two individuals took shots at him during their Hall of Fame speeches. When praising John Cena, Ric Flair made a point to say that Cena, "Will never leave our business for Hollywood." Triple H mentioned, "Rock fans," and then said, "Oops, am I supposed to say Dwayne fans now?"