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TNA: Kurt Angle Claims There Is Little To No Backstage Politics In TNA

TNA champion Kurt Angle was interviewed by the Baltimore Sun today and was asked about backstage politics in WWE & TNA. "One thing I don’t like is politics in wrestling. You’re going to have that, but here, if there are any, it’s very little. I’m the top guy and I’m not stopping anyone from coming up and taking my place. I want somebody to come up and take my place. In WWE it’s the opposite,” said Angle. “Everybody is trying to keep everybody else down. I want everyone to come up to my level. Me and [Samoa] Joe are going to have a great match on pay-per-view. I want him to look better than I look so that his value goes up. That’s how we all are. We all want to make each other look good. It’s a lot different locker room than it is in WWE."