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WWE: Paul Heyman blasts Ric Flair retirement send-off

Paul Heyman, who is now a regular for the UK’s tabloid Sun Newspaper had the following negative comments to say about Ric Flair’s send off on Monday’s Raw:

"OK, so we’re going for yet another emotional moment. We had ’em crying at the Hall of Fame. Had ’em at Mania. OK, one more to go. Let’s give it to ’em on Raw. And after the first set of reunions for Flair, don’t you think it was time for the mass curtain call, the standing ovation, the "thank you Ric" chants and goodnight everybody? It was a treat for everyone to see Ric reunited with Tully and Arn and Windham and JJ. Anyone who knows the story of how JJ left WWE, and the enormous heat between JJ and Vince will tell you, this was Vince McMahon doing what he felt was right for business. Hey, there’s Ricky Steamboat. That’s a nice tribute. Their worst matches against each should be considered all time classics. Those two were magic together. Michaels’ appearance and hug makes it complete. That’s some great emotion.But watching Flair cry because Chris Jericho says thank you? Hey, here’s John Cena. And he’s saluting Flair. Whooop de freakin’ do. Yeah yeah, this is basic Thugonomics. What the hell does it have to do with anyone’s favorite Flair memories? Cena? Jericho? Where’s Fifi the French Maid?"

"And please, I’m begging someone to tell Vince and Kevin Dunn that f’n song about leaving the memories alone is not something that tugs at the heart, nor does it add to the emotion of a Ric Flair testimonial. Play Strauss’ Sprach Zarathustra – which was the theme to 2001: A Space Odyssey – all night long. That other song is just Vince and Kevin saying: "Here’s the WWE touch to it all that makes it so great. Get over yourselves."