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WWE: Steroids found at unidentified Superstar’s former home

The Fox affiliate out of Atlanta has a story tonight on a man who discovered drugs in a Locust Grove, Georgia home he recently purchased from an unidentified past or present WWE wrestler.

Soon after the person moved in, he discovered two small shoe boxes in a crawl space in the wall of the attic filled with several bottles of steroids & Growth Hormone, as well as several personal documents & unopened syringes. He also found a copy of the wrestler’s WWE contract, not to mention a memo from 2004 regarding changes to the dress code.

Henry County Police have asked the Fox affiliate to not name the wrestler at this time because they want to talk with him first. Investigators believe the wrestler is staying with relatives in another state.

WWE Director of Publicity Kevin Hennesy told the Fox affiliate that it is not illegal for their wrestlers to take steroids. "Wrestlers can only be prescribed steroids by a physician which is rare and only for a specific medical condition and it is usually taken orally," Hennesy said. "If a wrestler is injecting steroids for performance enhancement purposes that would be a matter for local law enforcement."