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ECW April 8, 2008 Results

The 97’th episode of ECW came to you from the TD Banknorth Center in Boston, MA.

Match Results

  • CM Punk def. The Miz by pin following the GTS.
  • Elijah Burke def. Nunzio by pin following a modified STO.
  • Kofi Kingston (ECW) def. Domino (SmackDown) by pin following Trouble In Paradise.
  • Contract Vs. Contract: Tommy Dreamer def. Colin Delaney by pin following the Dreamer DDT to keep his contract and prevent Colin Delaney from getting his.

Match Quality

  1. CM Punk Vs. The Miz
  2. Colin Delaney Vs. Tommy Dreamer
  3. Nunzio Vs. Elijah Burke
  4. Domino Vs. Kofi Kingston


On ECW, Chavo Guerrero introduced a new bodyguard (named Justin "The Ox" LaRouche in FCW) and revealed that the bodyguard will be in Chavo’s corner at Backlash. It was also revealed that The Brothers of Destruction will reunite on ECW next week.