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WWE: Superstar linked with drugs found at former home named

WSB-TV has updated their story on steroids & HGH found in WWE wrestler Mike Knox’s former metro Atlanta home.

WWE released a statement noting that the performer in question (Mike Knox) denied to WWE officials, as well as Henry County Police Department officials, that the drugs discovered in the home belong to him.

The problem with Knox’s denial is that according to the article, paperwork found in the boxes are linked to him.

Furthermore, according to WWE, four professional wrestlers used to live in the Locust Grove residence, and Knox is the only performer currently under contract to them. The room was rented by the four wrestlers.

WWE’s statement on the situation reads: "…four professional wrestlers resided at the Locust Grove address, only one of whom is currently an active performer under a WWE contract. This performer has denied to WWE officials, as well as to Henry County Police Department officials, that the items discovered in this home belong to him."

Police said WWE has already called them to help with the investigation in any way they can. On WWE’s assistance in the investigation, Capt. Jason Bolton of the Henry County Police Department said, "They certainly were proactive and contacted me a little while ago upon learning of this investigation and are willing to cooperate and do whatever they can do to help us with it."

To clarify, the adult daughter of the owner of the residence actually found the two shoe boxes. She opened the door to a crawl space, and discovered the boxes. "I guess she opened the box and when she saw it, she panicked and called for me and I was like, ‘Don’t touch it,’" said the residence’s current owner. Inside the box they discovered several different bottles, vials of liquid and several unopened syringes. The residence’s owner said, "My original thought was, ‘Who could be so dumb as to leave something like this here,’ and my second thought, was ‘Oh my God, my kids sleep right in the next room.’".

According to the authorities, the case could possibly lead to criminal charges. To start off, police plan on testing the drugs and finding out if the person in question had any prescriptions for them.

WSB-TV plans on covering the story on their news broadcasts tonight