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WWE: Member of staff issued warning about pyro at Wrestlemania?

When the Undertaker vs. Edge match at WrestleMania started, some witnesses heard an argument with one female staffer yelling on her walkie talkie that the fireworks display planned for the end of the show should be canceled because it was too windy. However, the woman was being told that the plans weren’t going to change. Of course, an accident occurred at the conclusion of Undertaker’s match when a cable that held the fireworks snapped, shooting rockets into the upper deck. 40 to 45 fans were injured, with more than 30 of them burned, and only three people hospitalized. No one was seriously injured though. It is unclear as to who made the final call to to do the fireworks display, or whether anyone from WWE heard about the woman’s warnings. A few people in the upper decks were actually hit a few times from remnants of fireworks. Also, a few people in the upper decks thought that were a few close calls because of how close the shots were to them. From were some people were sitting, more people were scared than awed from the bigger explosions.