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WWE: Update on Mike Knox steroid link

The Atlanta NBC affiliate and WSB AM 750 have updates on the story of police investigating drugs being found in the former home of ECW wrestler Mike Knox.

The items found in two shoe boxes in a crawl space in an attic of the wrestler’s former home include several bottles & vials possibly containing performance-enhancing drugs such as HGH and steroids, (some bottles were labeled ‘steroids’ and ‘HGH’), 20 syringes, pay stubs from WWE, and WWE’s dress code memo from 2004. Additionally, Judson Powell, the person who lives in the house now, is saying that he found WWE contracts and other paperwork referring to Mike Hettinga, who of course is ECW wrestler Mike Knox.

According to investigators, they believe that the drugs came from one of those shady drug firms. They are saying that the substances came from the SportsMed Science clinic in Florida, which was shut down some time ago after an unlicensed doctor sold drugs to an undercover police officer.

World Wrestling Entertainment sent a statement to the Associated Press on Tuesday, noting that four wrestlers previously lived in the home and only one of them currently wrestles for the organization, that being Mike Knox of course. is reporting that former WWE developmental wrestlers Derek Niekirk and Ryan O’Reilly were two of the other three residents at the home. In September 2006, O’Reilly & tag partner Niekirk were on the verge of being called up to the ECW roster, but O’Reilly was suspended for 30 days due to a Wellness Policy violation and those plans were squashed. Danny Basham went down with an injury at the same time, and Niekirk replaced him as one of Heyman’s masked henchman. Early this year, Niekirk was released from his developmental contract following a 30 day suspension for a Wellness violation. O’Riley left the company in October due to personal issues with his girlfriend, Krissy Vaine.

One missing piece of information in the timeline is whether the drugs were acquired and used prior to or after WWE instituted their Wellness Policy in November 2005. Mike Knox signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment in February 2005. Knox didn’t start in WWE until Deep South Wrestling started holding shows in Georgia in September of that year, just before the Wellness Policy went into effect. Knox returned to Deep South Wrestling early last year because he wasn’t being used by WWE after his storyline with Kelly Kelly had concluded. Knox was working Deep South Wrestling shows up until the promotion’s closure last April, so presumably, he was still living in the home at the time. As a matter of fact, he and Niekirk were Deep South Wrestling’s tag team champions when WWE pulled their affiliation from the promotion.