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WWE: More on steroid find at Mike Knox’s fomer home

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has an article on their website with more details regarding the most recent steroid scandal involving current WWE superstar Mike Knox. The current owner of the Henry County home which was formerly occupied by four wrestlers has been identified as Rev. Judson Powell.

According to Henry County police captain Jason Bolton, one of the boxes found in the home by Rev. Powell’s daughter contained "20 to 25" syringes and eight vials of substances labeled as human growth hormone and testosterone. The box contained documents belonging to current WWE superstar Mike Hettinga – better known as Mike Knox. Bolton said that the box included a WWE dress code memo, a medical prescription, and other bills and airline tickets with Hettinga’s name.

A source told me (Ryan Clark) on Monday evening that former WWE developmental workers Derek Niekirk and Ryan O’Riley were two of the wrestlers that also lived in the home. The forth worker has yet to be identified.

Knox has not given a public denial, however, he told WWE officials and Henry County police that the stuff in the box did not belong to him.

Seems odd that Knox’s contract and lots of other KNOX-ONLY stuff was found in the boxes doesn’t it?