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WWE: No Way Out To Feature Elimination Chamber Match(es) Every Year

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE No Way Out 2008 in February that featured two Elimination Chamber Matches in one night may become the norm for the February intermediate "B" show pay-per-view. Currently, No Way Out 2008 is estimated at doing 328,000 buys worldwide and 207,000 buys in North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico, etc.). These buys are up 59% from last year’s No Way Out (which did 205,000 worldwide and 135,000 and was the most successful of the "B" pay-per-views for WWE in 20 Months). This year’s No Way Out was the most successful "B" pay-per-view since Vengeance 2006 (that featured the in-ring return of DX, as well as Rob Van Dam Vs. Edge for the WWE Title and John Cena Vs. Sabu in an Extreme Lumberjack Match). This No Way Out certainly did better than the infamously horrible ECW December To Dismember debacle in 2006. That bomb did 90,000 buys worldwide and 52,000 domestic and was the poorest pay-per-view in WWE History. The success of this year’s No Way Out is credited to the two Elimination Chamber Matches and John Cena’s in-ring return. With that said, it will probably become a mainstay of WWE’s annual No Way Out pay-per-view to have it feature an Elimination Chamber Match that features whatever brand does not have a winner from the Royal Rumble Match. It is also a possibility that the Elimination Chamber Match will be exclusive to No Way Out.