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WWE: Wrestling Coming Under Scrutiny (Again) For Murder In The Midwest?

According to the latest Wrestling Observer, there was a four-year-old in East St. Louis (about 60 Miles from where I live in Vandalia, Illinois) who murdered his two-year-old younger brother by choking him to death with a curtain. When he was questioned, the boy said that he saw it on WWE SmackDown. Unfortunately, on April 1, the two-year-old Jacquion Davis died after spending four days in intensive care. The investigation in the case is still ongoing, but the mother of the two children, Jacqueline Davis, said that her son’s exposure to pro-wrestling played a part in the murder.

So that was the "reporting" part of it, now for some of my comments- While it is obviously unfortunate that this woman’s son was killed by her other son, she needs to look in the mirror before she blames wrestling. They have a little invention called the "V-Chip" and it’s been around for some time. The V-Chip is meant so that parents can prevent their children from watching certain programs. God forbid the woman blame herself, but she blames wrestling so she doesn’t look like a bad parent and look like a victim. It’s the defense that I and others have used many times before- no wrestling organization forces you to watch their programming. The four-year-old should not have been watching wrestling in the first place. This woman either wants to avoid looking bad or she wants to get some money out of the WWE for this, bottom line. The wrestling business isn’t an honest, clean-cut business (most businesses aren’t, even that guy from Blue’s Clues got caught with drugs), but wrestling does not deserve this kind of ridiculous accusations that others have tried before. I will keep my ears and eyes open for updates on the local stations (speaking of which, WWE SmackDown airs on CW11 [KPLR] out of St. Louis, so The CW may have some problems, too).