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The Ultimate Warrior returning to the ring aginst former WWE Superstar

The Ultimate Warrior is scheduled to make his return to the ring, according to a press release issued by his his agent. He is slated to wrestle a match for the NWE promotion against former WWE performer Orlando Jordan on a June 25 show in Barcelona, Spain.

"For over 10 years this is what the entire wrestling world has been waiting for, the return of the Warrior," agent Bernie Gernay states. "We are excited to bring back the greatest character and energy to ever get into the ring."

"Ultimate Warrior is an incredible marketing machine and has kept a tremendous value to his name which is why the NWE has stepped up with a substantial deal that worked very well for both sides. There is no disputing that Warrior left a mark on professional wrestling that no other talent did and the reason why still today he is often imitated, but never duplicated."