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WWE: Pre and post ECW on Sci-Fi show news

– Before the ECW taping in Greensboro, N.C. tonight, security confiscated at least three "Fire Mike Adamle" signs.

– After the ECW taping concluded, Adamle remained seated at the announcers desk for several minutes. He appeared to have no idea that he was supposed to leave the ringside area. Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman came out by the time Adamle got up to head backstage. He was so late leaving that Edge’s entrance music was playing for his appearance on Smackdown while Adamle was still walking to the backstage area.

Authors note: It should be noted that the person, who wished to remain anonymous, that made these observations to Mike Powell of was laughing so much about Mike Adamle hanging around at ringside rarther then leaving that a few of the details may have been missed by Powell’s own admission but he thinks everything the fan said was included