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TNA: Kevin Nash talks about steroids and “internet wrestling guys”

Kevin Nash said in a Daytona News-Journal interview that he likes to push the buttons of internet guys. "We know how to push their buttons," Nash said. "They’ll go haywire. It makes them insane. It’s my own form of self-entertainment. I’ll read Wade Keller. There are some guys that actually loathe me. They just hate me. They’re internet guys. Why wouldn’t they hate me. I’m having a good time. They’re not."

He also commented on steroid use earlier in his carer. "It’s always been a larger-than-life industry, and in that environment, I was the largest human being we had," he said. "When I was young, to break into the business, you had to be gigantic. I was gigantic. Everybody took steroids. They weren’t even a felony conviction back then."