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TNA: Highlights of a recent ODB interview; talks about MMA, possibly getting her head shaved

The Pain Clinic with ODB
Hosts: Rich “Cashman” Jones, Danger Boy, Murph, JZ
Available on Hot Talk 1280 WHTK and at

TNA Knockout ODB joined us on the Pain Clinic today. We started the interview talking about how ODB started the woman’s division in Ohio Valley Wrestling. She talks about bringing the belt in with Beth Phoenix, Serena, and Katie Lea.
ODB’s experiences in the original Tough Enough were discussed. She thought that going through Tough Enough would be an easy way in. She always knew she wanted to be a wrestler. She said that MTV nixed her participation.
She talked about how she improved her work in OVW and how she became a character. Our
co-host Murph is smitten and he wonders how she started beating on her chest started. He
also asks about what influenced her into deciding to become a wrestler. She talks about
growing with her parents AWA fans and her being a fan of Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior.
We ask her about wrestling men in OVW and will she follow suit like Awesome Kong is doing in TNA? She has unfinished business with Kong.
She talks about the Sacrifice PPV and the stipulation in the woman’s match of the loser getting
her head shaved. She said she doesn’t look too bad bald. She thinks it would suck to lose
her hair then.
She talks about playing hockey in high school and knocking guys out. She still has all her teeth.
She dabbled in MMA five years ago and thought it was fun. She defiantly would do it again.
She talks about the popularity of the TNA Knockouts and the possibility of doing a Knockout-only show. Maybe like a "Global Impact" special with the women. She wrestled in Mexico and
had a tough time with ‘lucha’ style.
A caller suggested an all woman MMA PPV and we speculated on that for a bit.
She talked about why she couldn’t get the WWE call up while she was in OVW. She left to come directly to TNA because they "let her be her."
We talk about being on the road with TNA and she said she loves being on the road. She’s coming
to the area in the next two weeks and she loves the TNA and Fan interaction. ODB talks about
working with the Knockouts and how they all have a history with each other before TNA.
She loves seeing her friends on WWE TV especially Berth Phoenix. She is tight with her. She
talked about Beth’s injuries and how hard her struggle was. We let her go.