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WWE: Major change made to Wellness Policy urine sample collection procedure

According to a new report by PWInsider, WWE wrestlers who underwent drug testing as part of the company’s Wellness Policy this week were confronted with more rigorous testing conditions.

For those unaware, past tests saw wrestlers urinate into a vial at a urinal, but starting this past week male performers were required to provide a sample in full view of those representing Aegis Science (the firm that tests WWE’s urine samples). Wrestlers, both male and female, were also required to drop their pants at least down to their knees and pull their shirts up above their n*pples.

These new testing procedures were believed to be adapted to help prevent talent from taking advantage of the procedures by using cheating devices. The word making the rounds among WWE wrestlers was that an incident had sparked the more strict testing procedures, but no one is reportedly quite sure what that situation entailed or if was something that never happened to begin with.

Either way, the belief at this point is that at least one WWE developmental talent who has since been released by the company had been caught trying to cheat when giving a urine sample. However, considering nothing could be confirmed at this time it is simply being regarded as a "story making the rounds" among talent. Whether it was based on a fact or a rumor, it was serious enough to cause changes in the testing procedures for all talent.