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WWE RAW May 5, 2008 Results

The 780’th edition of WWE RAW came to you from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Match Results

  • Women’s Championship: Lumberjack Match: Mickie James (c) def. Beth Phoenix by roll-up to retain.
  • 2-on-1 Intergender Handicap Match: Squash Match: Paul Burchill & Katie Lea def. John Cutler (jobber) by Katie Lea pinning John Cutler following the Curb Stomp by Paul Burchill.
  • Non-Title: Chris Jericho & Shawn Michaels (RAW) def. The Miz & John Morrison (ECW) by Chris Jericho pinning John Morrison following the Lionsault.
  • Randy Orton (RAW) & CM Punk (ECW) fight to a No Contest after RAW General Manager William Regal turns off the arena lights and ends the match.
  • Squash Match: JBL def. DH Smith by pin following the Clothesline From Hell.
  • 14-on-2 Handicap Match: The ECW Roster (Kane, Chavo Guerrero, Bam Neely, CM Punk, Tommy Dreamer, The Miz, John Morrison, Kofi Kingston, Nunzio, Elijah Burke, Mike Knox, Matt Striker, Stevie Richards, & Shelton Benjamin) def. Triple H & Mr. Kennedy (RAW) by Chavo Guerrero (ECW) pinning Mr. Kennedy (RAW) following the Frog Splash.

Match Quality

  1. Triple H & Mr. Kennedy Vs. ECW Roster
  2. Chris Jericho & Shawn Michaels Vs. The Miz & John Morrison
  3. Women’s Championship
  4. Randy Orton Vs. CM Punk
  5. Paul Burchill & Katie Lea Vs. John Cutler
  6. JBL Vs. DH Smith


It’s been announced that at Judgment Day, JBL will face John Cena and Chris Jericho will face Shawn Michaels.

As a part of the angle, William Regal demanded that Mike Adamle replace Jim Ross for the Intergender Match.

Trish Stratus (in her hometown of Toronto) appeared in a backstage segment on the show that also featured the returning Ron Simmons. Roddy Piper also took part in Carlito’s Cabana which ended with Piper celebrating with Cryme Tyme and Cody Rhodes.