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Brief New TNA Tidbits Revealed In Gaming Ring Podcast

Popular wrestling video game related website, Gaming Ring hosts it’s own regular podcast detailing the goings on in the world of squared circle videogame action and recently revealed some new if somewhat brief details relating to the forthcoming TNA Impact!. Happily, regular postee and popular member LuisTX85, posted some straight to the point bullets for those not wishing to sit through a listen: 

* The "intro" that they were talking about (in the podcast), talked about seeing Team 3D, Kevin Nash, Robert Roode, and Sonjay Dutt. They went on to list all the confirmed wrestlers in the game, plus Nash and Team3D and (now) we are at 26 (in total).

* They talked with Jeremy Borash at Gamersday and asked if he too, like Mike Tenay, will be an unlockable character. He said he had to sign a non disclosure agreement about revealing unlockables, but that there were about 5 or 6 secret characters and one in particular (that) "made him really mark out".

* Mike & Charles both agree that Ultimate X was the most fun they’ve had playing a wrestling game since No Mercy, and it’s not even finished yet.

* There were programmers who would not confirm but "on the QT" were whispering that DLC would include wrestlers, arenas, and alternate attires.

* There seemed to be a lot of secrecy going around about Sharkboy. Mike Regan said that he was on the selection screen in Orlando, but was removed from the selection screen in the build at gamersday. They said some programmers were whispering that he is having his 24/7 gimmick added, but others were saying it might be DLC.