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TNA: Kevin Nash claims WWE Smackdown is unwatchable; doesn’t want iMPACT to go head-to-head

Kevin Nash said there are similarities between working for Vince McMahon and Jeff Jarett during an interview with the UK Sun. "With creative, in WWE, people would always go back and forth about something and finally someone would say: “You know what, let’s just go talk to Vince. I’m tired of talking to a horse’s ass. Vince what do you want?” Vince would make a decision and it would get done. And in TNA, it’s like that with Jeff. Anytime there’s infighting just grab Jeff and say: “What do you want? Tell these guys what you want.”

When asked if he’d rather see TNA Impact go head-to-head with Raw or Smackdown, Nash ripped the latter. "I wouldn’t want to go against Smackdown," he said. "It’s like beating a guy with one leg. That show isn’t even watchable—sorry Take (Undertaker)." To read the full interview, click here.