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WWE: What Will Become of Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch?

The May 7 Wrestling Observer is reporting that the imminent split of the tag team of Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch will be more for a push for Lance Cade than one for Trevor Murdoch. WWE’s current plan (which can change so many times) is to mold Lance Cade into a major contender in the Intercontinental Title picture. They are looking to push Cade to the level of Chris Jericho and a pre-suspension Jeff Hardy. He would work as a heel and possibly get a run with the Intercontinental Title. WWE views Lance Cade as the MVP of the team, due to his size and alook. Unfortunately, the split may not serve Trevor Murdoch as well. WWE’s plan for Murdoch is to have him continue with his singing character and have him work as a face. Working as a face with limited ability and not the best look in the business, Murdoch will likely end up as a lower card wrestler that will only be over (if at all) with his "singing" character.