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WWE: Why Was The Undertaker Stripped Of The World Heavyweight Title?

The May 7 edition of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that Vince McMahon made the decision on April 25 (two days before Backlash) to have Undertaker stripped of the World Heavyweight Title on May 2 on SmackDown. It’s being reported that Vince may see Edge as a better champion and Undertaker more suited as a challenger. It’s believed that Undertaker Vs. Batista has run it’s course and that Edge Vs. Undertaker does not really draw. When the decision was made to keep Umaga on RAW, it eliminated Undertaker’s challenger for SummerSlam. Big Daddy V’s name also came up to challenge for the World Heavyweight Title, but that was mostly due to WWE trying to get more black competitors on television and in major feuds as a result of the Michael Hayes incident.