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WWE: Second John Cena interview released; talks more about The Rock

John Cena was asked in a UK Sun interview whether there was any heat between he and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony given Cena’s critical comments. "No, because there was no problem or controversy—and Rock is first and foremost a gentlemen," Cena said.

"…And Rock is one of those guy who gave the ‘I’ve wanted to do this all my life’ speech, but in actuality he wanted to be an actor. Now trust me, that is totally fine with me. It’s OK. But just don’t say one thing and do another. Because our fans are extremely loyal and when yo do that it pisses me off.

"All of us work so hard to make the show as good as it can be. So it’s hard when people give the impression of ‘this is the greatest gig in the world’ and then jump ship to make movies. Now I have every interviewer in the world asking me when I’m leaving to make movies. And the answer is I’m never doing that, because I love wrestling more than I do movies.

"It’s guys like that who set the precedent of using wrestling as a stepping stone to do films. But there’s no controversy to any of that—as Rock is a successful actor and that’s what he has always wanted to be." To read the full interview, visit the UK Sun.