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Bobby Lashley interview; Speaks about leaving WWE, Michael Hayes and more

Bobby Lashley was the featured guest on the Voice of Wrestling radio show this past Monday (5/12/08), exclusively on He covered everything from leaving the WWE, a particular staff member he didn’t get along with, transitioning into MMA, wrestling for TNA, and much more in this one-hour interview. Don’t forget that tonight from 7:00-9:00 EST, the Voice of Wrestling returns live with featured guests, Eric Bischoff and John Cena, Sr. Visit to listen to the show tonight.

On Leaving WWE: “You were waiting for a big return and I was waiting for a big return also…in December, I was ready to go…it was a month before the Rumble, so I thought that was going to be the time I came out….I called in, I was trying to find out what’s going on, when am I coming back…and I guess, the person in charge of bringing me back was not ready for me to come back…and without speculation as to who that was, the person in charge at the time of writing me back into the show was Michael Hayes…he said he didn’t have anything for me…to make a long story short, or this is what we’re going to say, I decided not to come back because I was going to pursue other interests”.

On Krystal being one of the reasons: “I think that story was leaked from somebody that wanted to make me look back or wanted to cause some conspiracy…I can’t really talk about the reason I left…but as far as Krystal goes, Krystal was involved with her own storylines, she was involved with her own thing and I think that people were trying to say that I had something to do with it or I didn’t want her to do a particular thing and that wasn’t the case. I even called and had a long conversation with Stephanie McMahon around that time when these things were coming out…Krystal spoke with her also…I basically told her that I didn’t know if people were coming to you saying ‘Bobby wants this’ or ‘Bobby wants that’…I said don’t think that I had anything to do with her decisions of anything she wants to do”

On Krystal being released: “She was all ready to go with anything they wanted her to do and I don’t know what the actual situation is as to why they decided to release [her] or why she decided to leave, but it had nothing to do with me saying I didn’t want her to do anything”

On bad blood between him and WWE: “With who, I guess that’s more of the question, because there’s some people I didn’t even talk to when it came time for asking for my release. I didn’t talk to Vince, I didn’t talk to Shane – two people in which I had a great deal of respect for and I talk to quite a bit…so I can’t say I had any bad blood with Vince, I didn’t have any bad blood with Shane. I don’t even know if the fact of my asking for my release even made it up that far or why I wanted the release even made it up that far…so bad blood…not with everybody, but I don’t care so much to even talk to or about some of the people that are in the organization”

On Michael Hayes: “It’s unlikely that you guys bring up the one person that I would rather not even talk about…sure, I could have had some dealings with him in the past…I’m not even sure if he was supposed to be the person writing me in [back into the show], I was told that…and it fits perfectly…so whether I had bad blood with him, I can tell you I personally don’t like the guy”

On Hayes being a racist: “I can’t answer that, I can’t answer that…do you think he’s a racist?”

On overall WWE experience: “I will always look back on my time in the WWE as a great experience. I had an opportunity to travel all over the world and I met some great people while I was in there…just an opportunity to wrestle…it was a dream come true being on the big stage and doing the things that I did…you can’t let one bad instance or one bad person or anything like that bring down all the positives”

On His Limited Mic Skills: “What??? I thought I was great man! I considered I was as good as The Rock on the mic! Nah, I’m just kidding. [Funny] I never had any kind of training on the mic…yeah, that was something that I really needed to work on…when I had some time off, after my surgery, I knew I couldn’t train, couldn’t lift…so I went down – I live in Denver now – so I went to different Denver Performing Arts and got an acting coach which I worked with for several months…I still think that’s an ongoing process for me….there’s one thing I can do, I can get out there and fight anybody in the world, but there’s another thing you have to do in professional wrestling is be able to talk about it and yeah, that’s something that I’m still currently working on and hopefully I get an opportunity to prove some of those people [critics] wrong”

Bobby Lashley continues in this interview by discussing the definite politics and cliques in professional wrestling, going to TNA, MMA versus wrestling and which one he is leaning toward, whether wrestling is appropriate for kids anymore, his true feelings toward Paul Heyman, and much more! To listen to this revealing interview with former WWE superstar, Bobby Lashley, you can visit the website. Then, be sure to tune in tonight from 7:00-9:00 EST as the Voice of Wrestling welcomes Eric Bischoff and John Cena, Sr., exclusively on