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Former WWE star Andrew ‘Test’ Martin posts drunken rant about Ultimate Warriors return

Former WWE star Andrew "Test" Martin (and boyfriend of ECW Diva Kelly Kelly) posted an apparently drunken rant on Ultimate Warrior’s return to wrestling on his MySpace account. From what I can understand, Test starts off his rant by saying that he is 33 years old and noly remembers who Warrior is, and that they expect the average fan to remember him. He then says that when he was trying to break into professional wrestling, he was thinking about joining Ultimate Warrior’s short-lived wrestling school, but soon met Bret Hart and told him that Warrior couldn’t even teach him a headlock. Test then relays a story on Warrior refusing to sign an autograph for a kid brought backstage at a WWF show in the late 80s/early 90s. Bret rants about this incident in his book as well. Test then says that Warrior "couldn’t draw flies" after Hogan lost the belt to him, and rants on Warrior some more by making fun of him for using the "juice" and briefly wearing a singlet with painted-on muscles in 1992. Taken verbatim from his MySpace page, here is what Test posted:

I’m not going to br sing this as a wrestling formum nyore but I will say this,,,thrE Ultimate Warirr is coming bacj, I;m 33 and noly remember who he as and thry expect the average san of to dat to remember wg..ho he is. I rememer Warior as the guy who ran to the ring he was so bown up he couln;t do anyhing in the ring,I remembr when Warrior opened up warrior university and at the ime I actually thought it was way to ake it nto pro westling yhat was until I met my idol zzzzzzzzzzzzzzbret hart and I’ll never forget as long a I live brets exact words"warrior coulnn’t even put youin a headlock, let alone teachyou how to put u in one. Brets gret guy who always hs a funny stry to tell. Now this story Bret told me about the Warrrior I have ahd no chuckle just disgust and wouldn’t mind putting an old washedup ma i his place. as the story goes to Bret the hild who was brouht in the back because his dream was to see th Ultimate Warriop buy of course Warrior had no time for him not vrn a pvture ur an autraph and thr kids dream ws to met this piese uf sh*t and he went out in the crowd without a care in the worl, excuse my language but you are a 1st class piece of sh*t. and you think you are goinh to draw peole yu couldn’t draw flys when Hogan graciouly hande you yh brlt. Younever loved wrestlinh like all of uds you wre there for thr payday and that’s wy Hogan had to come baxk and yuwere wearing a singlet wit muscles painted om lke we couldnt tell u werent on the juice, there ar thoseho need juice and those that don’t. You neded an iv hooked up to you. Im my mind you wanted toplay the sould00000000000000000000000000000000 you loved likemfootballand so on. You must have realized prtty quick you suckd but you could have gotten beter 000000000000000000000000000it bestwhen he tld me how was Igoimgto learn anything at wrrioys"