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WWE: New Second Generation Heel Stable Debuting Soon?

The May 26 edition of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that there is discussion of making a heel stable out of the young second generation WWE Superstars and having the stable led by an older, seasoned WWE Legend serving as Manager. The second generation stable has been discussed to feature Cody Rhodes (would need a heel turn), Afa, Jr. (in developmental), Ted DiBiase, Jr. (in developmental, but wrestling dark matches) & DH Smith (jobbing on Heat and occasionally on RAW). If they can not land a good legend manager, then there has been talk of having second generation star Carlito be the "mouthpiece" for the group. There has also been talk of it not necessarily being a second generation stable, CM Punk and Chris Harris are two names that have also been thrown around to be in the stable. It’s currently unknown which brand this stable will be on or if it will be a rare interpromotional stable.