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WWE: Update On William Regal’s Suspension

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that when the WWE Locker Room learned of William Regal’s suspension (it’s believed that they were aware on Monday that Regal would be "fired" on RAW) the word going around was that William Regal was visibly upset, saying he came up positive in his drug test because he took a contaminated supplement and the test results showed small traces of a banned drug, but enough to be a violation. Most of the locker room believed Regal’s claim, even though countless athletes have used the same excuse for drug test failures. William Regal will be allowed to return on or after July 20. It’s very likely he will return on ECW or SmackDown, since the storyline had him "fired" on RAW. It’s a small possibility that he could return at The Great American Bash (which lands on July 20).