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TNA: Officials trying to get Ultimate Warrior to join company, want him to tag with Sting

Officials are indeed trying to get the Ultimate Warrior to come to TNA. If he comes in, he would likely tag team with Sting. Should Warrior end up coming to TNA, it won’t be happening at Slammiversary because no deal is done. In a trivia note, WCW’s original plan for Warrior was to have him debut at the record setting July 7, 1998 Monday Nitro show at the Georgia Dome, which ended up featuring the memorable Goldberg title win over Hollywood Hogan. WCW’s plan was to have Sting & Warrior team up to take on Hogan & The Giant. However, WCW couldn’t seal the deal with Warrior in time and the match was called off. Warrior and Sting did team up at one point though. The two wrestled Hulk Hogan & Bret Hart on October 11, 1998 on Monday Nitro.