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Ultimate Warrior’s agent releases statement to address WWE/TNA rumors

Berie J. Gernay, the managing agent of the Ultimate Warrior, released the following statement this morning: Regarding Ultimate Warrior Rumors of TNA/WWE "Warrior is completely focused on "The Ultimate Return" on June 25th in Barcelona. The NWE has provided us an incredible opportunity on our own terms and we are preparing to bring the fans much more than they are expecting. With numerous rumors being reported by wrestling "insiders"…. we have not discussed any potential deals with other wrestling federations nor have I made mention of any money specifics with TNA, WWE or otherwise. The wrestling industry has long been on the record for using Ultimate Warrior’s name, likeliness, and persona to bring great attention to their company with an agenda only suiting themselves". Bernie J. Gernay, President, PSI Marketing Group – Agent for The Ultimate Warrior